Recently Deputy Assistant General of The far east Textile Industry Relationship Summer sensitive to your media the yearly China Textile and Garment Industry Competition conference will be kept March 17 in Beijing.
Meeting will be released in 2006 revenue revenue of Chinas incredibly small pores industry and exports two-hundred company listings cotton coloured chemical fiber fleece protector linen knitting dyeing silk garment industry revenue of 8 leading 50 list of companies as well as Industry Competitiveness top rated ten list also introduced in 2006 Chinas incredibly small pores industry competitive total annual report. There will be federal people industry commanders experts and pupils industry clusters in addition to enterprises and individuals together to observe this exciting moment.
Summer Min asserted 2006 is the Eleventh Five-Year newbie of Chinas accession to WTO will be the fifth year. In past times year the textile industry over a volume of trade friction in particular Paul limit but experienced rising oil prices RMB appreciation reduced export tax rebates and other multiple challenges that is a maintained a steady improve your performance economic development pattern in terms of speed efficiency export or demand technological innovation brand technique the implementation involving corporate social obligation have made great results to produce a satisfactory reply sheet. Affiliation Industry growth and progress will depend on enhancement of competition of enterprises.
To increase implement the clinical concept of development follow the sustainable development method and guide additional business by performing great to be strong change Tiongkok Textile Industry Association will continue to improve organization competitiveness evaluation program and the results of the annual Posted just as one overall review of enterprise competitiveness.
Competitive this year the timing regarding release in 03 the release of the previous fourth significant improve. Mainly as a twelve months in March as clothing fabric presented two exhibitions at the same time news intensive industry-focused better the same time as aggressive release reflect you can actually operating results this past year and overall strength and a strong timeliness enough time for an earlier generate enterprises can fully grasp earlier the previous years competition situation to get their own position in the marketplace to know ourselves inside the new year to adjust company strategy and promises to make new measures.
The business unit claimed the future ahead of relieve time as possible and stay relatively fixed like the annual month that is in order to provide much more timely and successful business information program but also help enhance the conference The company influence.
For organization evaluation system usually are most concerned about the matter summer Min declared that the so-called competitive location in the form of digital quantization situation that the competitiveness connected with enterprises a controlled reasonable and good evaluation system involving indicators is very important. Textile and Garment Marketplace Competitiveness Evaluation Product is the association with the Peking University experts Soon after several years of co-operation based on the analysis involving economics and administration research first gurus to design a Concentrate on System by the Affiliation in accordance with industry distinct are revised in addition to adjusted after a long period of operation has been basically mature.
Consequently this year in the dimension system and technique in comparison with past decades there is no big change it is still human quality asset quality quick response capability innovation profitability liquidity share of the market of seven subsystems each sub-system consists of a number of analysis indicators according to the specific circumstances of different groups the weights between various subsystems can make the proper adjustments as properly as possible describe this status of the competitiveness of enterprises.
Summer months Min stressed that with a scientific assessment system but also possess real and trusted data. Evaluation of the companys competitiveness of enterprises depends on the reliability of the data the credibility of the data depends generally on the data acquisition method. The competitiveness of textile and clothing industries and establishments in the data used for analysis to the National Agency of Statistics and also enterprise reporting Linen Association Statistics Heart report shall prevail.
To make this years analysis the current association center is being carried out statistical data collection and collation with the reports have been issued download please click- Hope that doesnt report data companies for you to seize the time described as soon as possible.
September The year 2003 China Textile Business Association Statistics Heart in Beijing Great Hallway of the first discharge for 2002 gross sales of textile business the top 50 of all home textile exports and sales of the top 100 companies list. Although the valuables in this release is simply the sort of two significant individual indicators though the use of statistics inside quantitative strength of corporations as well as what form to publish in the industry for example a useful attempt to publish later the competition of the basis.
July 2004 the first time China Textile Industry Association competitiveness evaluation program and the Supply String Research Center involving Peking University joint progression of competitiveness of the linen industry index evaluation system and use this model for the 2003 cotton wool linen linen textile substance fiber knitting a silk filled duvet dyeing textile machinery marketplace 500 8 small business competitiveness of a digital measurement. Conference aroused great attention connected with media a larger answer in the industry.
August 2005 China Textile Industry Connection held in Beijing Great Area of the third discussion the competitiveness associated with enterprises and to grow power competitiveness Community forum for the theme regarding success by the industrys attention. Enterprise competition indicators for the evaluation to the work of your more standardized additional systematic more authoritative so that the guide along with promote enterprises to enhance competitiveness and engage in a greater role in China Textile Market Association has decided to start this year will the actual competitiveness of corporations The ranking of the work lead with the Textile Information Centre organization and operation.
April 2006 Tiongkok Textile Industry Connection conference the fourth the actual competitiveness of corporations held in Beijing Hotel an excellent Court. To promote technological and technological innovation in the market encourage new business growth the basis of prior conferences in addition to present projects in particular the particular establishment of best Innovation Award Ideal Growth Business Accolades and the Special Share Award their reasonably competitive strength of companies and industry collectively by the industrys attention. Affiliation

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